strata-services-sitesWhy should every apartment building have its own website?

It is an effective way to bring the community together and open up the level of communication using a website, mobile, technology and social media. Bring your building into the 21st century!

Building managers – save time and reduce costs. Reduce your time and paper usage and open up an effective communication channel. The site will have:

  • Multi levels of admin and user membership
  • Beautiful design
  • Notice boards
  • Member logins
  • Weather and TV guide – What’s On in the area
  • Resident classifieds
  • Rules and regulations

Why do you need a website for your building?

  • High level of communication
  • Reduce the level of complaints
  • Interact with the community
  • Save time on paperwork and reduce YOUR costs

[blockquote]Why is communication important in the strata environment? The Living in Strata website has a great article. READ[/blockquote]

Add value to your property

Printing large documents like welcome packs and body corporate information for each resident can lead to expensive printing fees and take time. Creating a body corporate website can reduce time and print costs. You can also put all the manuals like air con and intercom so all the documents are accessible.

It’s all about communication

Let’s say someone is moving in to the building. All you have to do is send them their log-in details or email them and they can instantly access all this information. The site is MOBILE optimised so they can even use their phone to do this. They get instant access to:

  • Moving in pages, lift dimensions and the move in procedures
  • It costs about $300 to get a service person to unblock a rubbish chute, we have found if they have the rules about recycling and waste management =  reduces the rubbish chute getting blocked
  • Instruction manuals = reduces service costs.

Online Marketing Experts

We are online marketing experts,  so when someone is looking for your building your website will be on the first page in Google. This will raise the profile of the property. When buyers are looking for a property they often go to Google and research the property and area. If you have a dedicated web presence for the potential buyer you will increase the chance of sales and rentals.

We build solutions

Other options for your building owners. Log-in area for unit owners so they have access to meeting notices, agendas, minutes and have the ability to download and save the documents.


We are always here to guide you along the way. We will train you or a staff member how  to use the system. We provide phone support from 8am-6pm Mon-Fri.

sliders7Why use Webflow Design?

If you want to improve the quality of communication and sense of community start thinking about a Webflow solution today! We have extensive experience in body corporate and have built and managed sites for some of the industry leaders like:,,, and hundreds of other web developments. You site will look like this

End of financial year DEAL

We have an offer that ends in July – Get a beautifully designed community website with all the functions listed

ONLY $1900.00

Other Bonuses:

  •  30 second Video for the building

  • Social Media strategy. Create and connect a Facebook page to the site

  • AND 6 months of FREE hosting!

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