Phonebloks modular phone concept

Phonebloks modular phone concept isolates components in swappable blocks Though some take the DIY approach to replacing a faulty part in a smartphone, many elect to discard it in favor of an upgraded device, something that results in a fair bit of electronics waste. To mitigate this — and to make it easy for a…


Sixth Sence Technology

Check out this amazing video about how online will be merging with reality over the coming few years. Pranav Mistry has got to be one of the most gifted visionary and inventors in the world who stands at the forefront of futurism. Sixth sense technology is here and pretty soon we will all have access…

Google Image

Google Image Search Ranking Update

After the recent updates of Google 21 Panda and Google PR; an up-to-the-minute news is coming from the webmaster gurus about the Google image search result update. As always, Google has not stated any explicit declaration about this search update but the sudden large amount of changes in the image search results efficiently sounds the…