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Joe Brown
Graphic Designer, Online Marketer, Print Broker, Webmaster

We get better design when we understand our medium. Yet even at this late cultural hour, many people don’t understand web design. Some of the most high end studios just miss the point and don’t understand the reason for having a website, and they still get away with charging a small fortune!

If you want effective web design with a solid strategy in this massively overgrounded space then make sure you use the right web designer and get the right strategy in place for YOU!

Some people who don’t even understand web design get the job of creating websites or supervising web designers and developers. Those who understand the least make the most noise. They are the ones leading charges, slamming doors, and throwing money—at all the wrong people and things.

If we want better sites, better work, and websites that actually do their job, the need to educate begins here…

What is web design?

Web design is the creation of digital environments that encourage human activity, reflect or adapt to individual voices and content and change gracefully over time while always retaining their identity.

What is the Future of web design?

As the web moves towards an open, content cantered platform – the future of its design is really unknown. For a long time web design was based on print design but the web is not and has never been a static platform. Simple and expensive web design is a thing of the past! We are seeing a resurgence of rich experiences that are focused on user interaction.

Open source typefaces and the massive resource of images has changed and opened up design to a wider range of people. When thinking about devices, Responsive Web Design and Mobile became massively important trends; all of the mentioned buzz words will shape the future of the web. Mobile is going to me massive! Companies like Voupons are creating Mobile Digital Coupons and really focusing on MOBILE experiences and trying to change hugely popular industries like the daily deal model.

The future of web design is set up for desktops and multiple other mobile devices. Is it all about mobile? Not entirely but it will be in the near future. Users are accessing the web from mobile smartphones, tablets, their laptops more and more. The web is not a fixed width and a website needs to respond and adapt to these different platforms in a fluid and effective way. The Web is our only true, universal platform, and its future is in the hands of our world’s designers. They are the humans who will be shaping and pushing it in an infinite number of directions.

Web design is changing big time. It’s all about the bigger picture and not just how it looks. It is about the usability of the user. Designers can’t just take their knowledge of print design anymore and apply it to the web; they have to push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible. But there are many tools to make this more automated like WordPress

What is Responsive Web Design

In the past, when a user accessed a website, its servers pushed content to them based on what platform they were using- mobile, tablet or desktop web. But over the past year, engineers have begun to adopt responsive web design, which includes changing widths, scalable images and adjustable layouts that remain consistent across all platforms, whether you’re accessing the site on a mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer or wide-screen.

There are dozens of details that designers have to pay attention to across the board as it’s not just about resizing a site to fit on the iPhone.. EG. When Apple upgraded the resolution on the iPhone 4 last year, web designers had to update all their images so the user would have the same brilliant experience across all platforms. So there is a problem for smaller businesses to keep up.

Responsive web design creates a better user experience and it’s also economical. Companies only need to maintain one code base, which costs much less– and they don’t have to worry about version control. For example, if you have two sites, one for mobile and one for desktop, you carry the extra burden of syncing those builds.

Webflow Design has a brilliant option for small and medium sized business. We have very unique software that creates an app across all platforms and has one easy to use CMS system to update all devices – in real time.

Designers and developers Gold Coast can focus on building features and content. “Designers and developers are most effective when they are focused on creating an experience rather than chasing down a million little problems – instead of chasing platforms and browsers. 

What is RESS?

Responsive Web Design with Server Side

Responsive web design has just started. The next step might be RESS. What is RESS? It is a customizable web design that combines both the old way of serving content with the new responsive design.

Before responsive, there were server-side solutions that detected what device you used and served you different content based on that. A lot of people used that technique but were very limited. Now users are combining the best of both worlds- what the server can do with a client responsive web design approach.