As like many panda updates done before by Google this latest one by the name Panda Refresh Version 23 is also creating news in the web market. The frequent updates with such a less gap are being made as Google has the limitation of punishing all the poor quality websites at once. Panda version 23 refers to the up gradation in the search results the twenty third time since the February last year 2012. This time this version has affected approximately 1.3% of the English language queries all over the world.

Panda or Google Panda is nothing but an algorithm which manages the ranking of the websites according to their quality in a search result all over the world when Google is used as a search engine in any part of the world. It penalises the poor quality websites that have many distractions in it in the form of excessive advertisements which do not contribute in the information desired by the reader.

This update news came before Christmas last year 2012 and it proved to be not so good news for online business doers who do not possess a website worth a high rank in the search results. But if there is a problem there must be solution as well. Every business should engage professionals who master the art of web designing and let them include only good quality content, relevant diagrams, self explanatory graphics all given a place at the most appropriate space to deliver the message clearly and effectively and improve their web ranking.

Joe Brown
Graphic Designer, Online Marketer,
Print Broker, Webmaster