The most popular search engine called Google releases its webmaster report every year by the name Google Webmaster Report. Google Webmaster Report January 2013 includes discussion about various webmasters such as Penguin, DMCA, and page layout, Panda with frequent updates in the previous year and EMD.

You must be aware of what is a website and what makes it ranks higher in the search results. But it is the webmaster’s job to develop the websites by designing the web pages, to constantly revise them from time to time and take care of all the administrative work related to it. It also takes care of the proper functioning of the servers along with the hardware and software.

According to Google Webmaster Report January 2013 it is a humble advice to all the websites or the website authors to maintain their calm and efforts and do not give up till the last minute to save their websites. To filter out the poor quality websites form the search results Google Penguin came into picture. Be aware if your website has distractions and irrelevant content because this can make you roll down to dangerous limits which will be difficult to recover. You can call it a punishing methodology designed by the Google. As high as 81 % of the affected websites have failed to recover from this punishment. The other websites are partially recovering and the very less percentage of the websites hit by it have managed to come out of this shock successfully by making appropriate changes in it.

Joe Brown
Graphic Designer, Online Marketer,
Print Broker, Webmaster