As there is drive to clean up the website ranking system by the Google by launching its frequently updated websites ranking algorithms, it is also taking care of the Google image results that form a major part of the Google search queries all over the world. Google Image update reports bring mixed news for all the already registered image websites. Some of the well doing websites slipped down unexpectedly while others also faced some changes in their rankings.

These reports relate to the ranking system of the images that appear when you enter a query in the address bar on Google. This majorly used search engine wish to penalise the low performing and less relevant images that appear in the top ten or fifteen results of your query and waste your time. It wants that the most relevant pictures should find a place in the top category so as to give you a time saving option in the form of Google search engine.

Some typical images such as those related to the weather reports cannot be accessed on Google easily unless you use the EMD system which is exact matching domain. It simply means that you need to type the complete address of the website with its domain name to see the weather reports. The other images are frequently searched successfully on Google and the latest upgraded versions of the ranking algorithms are even improving the quality of the image search result at an increasing pace.

Joe Brown
Graphic Designer, Online Marketer,
Print Broker, Webmaster