What are some of the post-penguin SEO strategies that still work? Before we proceed with those post strategies, let me explain what Penguin update was all about. For those who don’t know, the main reason for the Penguin update was to provide a better status or standing of your site and this is achieved by placing a weight or depth to your website and at the same time give quality to the site. It also screens out unrelated backlinks. So if ever your site is receiving unrelated links from a spammer then the ranking of your site will drop until eventually you’ll lose your site ranking fast. Thanks to this Google update, there are a lot of strategies that can now be considered as a game to increase your site, which Google prohibits.

Here are some examples which are prohibited by Google after the Penguin update:

  • The most common is having links to your website which isn’t really relevant or related to your topic or niche. This is obviously a way to increase your site ranking, increase traffic to your website which will now be a reason to lose your site ranking after the Penguin update.
  • Bloggers who tend to post comments to other blog sites with low quality content for free.
  • If your website has backlinks that came from a site which was previously flagged and considered as dangerous, these dangerous sites could have been flagged due to malwares and other issues.
  • If your site is receiving too much links and all links has the same or similar anchor text.

SEOThe above few mentioned strategies which were considered as a way to increase your site ranking is now considered as reasons to lose your ranking because of the Post-Penguin update. Now, let’s discuss what are some of the strategies that can still be considered effective after the Penguin update. For some, “The directory submission” or in other words web directory listing is still considered one of the most effective ways to increase site ranking Post-Penguin update. For directory submission, you need to choose carefully which directory to submit your site. Google consider the directory submission as an SEO strategy and you have to be careful. Google in general knows all the dos and don’ts when it comes to SEO strategy so make sure you follow them to avoid declining of your site rank. There are a lot of directories you can submit to such as; country based directories, topic based or niche based directories and a lot more.

Onsite SEO such as optimized META content is also an effective way; this method has been used since 1970. Page speed is also a valid way; this is actually one of the most common ways used. With the use of Page speed, the loading speed of your site is fast and this ensures that visitors of your site has a pleasant experience thus making them feel your site is a perfect place to visit time to time. Overall, these are just few of the allowed strategies Post Penguin update, if you check on the latest update, you’ll discover there are still other effective ways to increase the rank of site post Penguin update.