Voupons announces location-based marketing – are you ready?

Quote some time ago, retailers simply bombarded us with mainstream advertising in the hope that we’d come to their store and buy their products. The problem with this is hammers people with radio, TV, print, SMM and online advertising when it suits the retailer, not necessarily when it suits the shopper, and this has only got worse with the coupons and daily deal sites.

When advertising strategies start to go bad because we’ve become desensitised, retailers seem to respond by increasing the advertising and making it more in your race – until mainstream television and radio becomes all but unbearable. It’s little wonder that consumers are finding more ways to get rid mainstream advertising, even if it means paying for the content directly.

Voupons is about to launch the iPhone app that shoppers have the option to set up the category they are interested in and how far they want the deal to be. This is real time and delivered to their phone instantly.

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