A unique brand image is important for every business. If the mark is copied, customers feel that the company is unprofessional and a shop with a competitor instead. Having a single brand can increase the conversion rate of your product. Today, there are many eye catching campaigns on the Internet. Many people are competing in the same industry to make it difficult to stand if you have an excellent campaign. Brand image is part of his campaign. Without a good brand image will be lost in the competition regardless of whether you can offer a quality product.

The brand image that you believe should be related to your product or company. It should be that customers have an emotional association with the products or services you offer. There are two methods you can use to create an association with the brand image as direct experience and indirect associations. brand images that are created through direct experience are attributed to the emotions of users. For example, McDonald uses the word “Happy Meal” to create a brand for their meals.

Some companies can not use direct dialing of your products or services. Examples of companies that include Nike brand and indirect use Avis. Indirect brand can be affected by many factors, including the words you use to describe your product, customer service, speed, etc. The image that you give your brand must be relevant to the quality of service you provide. For example, if the name of your company as a consulting service panther, you have to provide fast customer response. If the customer has to wait several weeks for its response, his company stands to lose reputation.

The new brand name should be short and easy to memorize. If the mark is too long, the client will have difficulty remembering. The spelling of the new brand should not be too complicated. The brand name must be a single word that has few characters. Also, the mark must be capable of being translated into other languages.

The domain of the mark must not already be in someone else. You can check whether the mark is available, go to the store as GoDaddy domain. You can add a few words with the domain name, provided that relates to your brand. However, it is best to use a brand name that has an existing domain name, so you do not use the same brand with another product.

If you do not know how to create a brand image, you can hire a brand design agency. The design agency will design a brand mark for their product strategy based on your needs.

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