A major problem that most internet marketers face after the creation of their websites is not to know web design, best design to help them communicate effectively with their visitors.

Too often, many webmasters try to solve this problem by creating an anonymous website, officers searching using a writing style that is full of sales jargon in the hope of persuading visitors to buy the product.

The problem with this approach is that it focuses on the desire of the owner of the website to sell products rather than on the needs of Web site visitor. You have to think about where your visitors are coming and what type of information they are looking to feel comfortable in your website before you start to think about selling anything to them.

It’s almost a guarantee that if you do not feel comfortable when they arrive at your website, that will come out very quickly and never see again.

So what kind of information should be provided to visitors, and how it should be the presentation of that information? Here are some guidelines to follow in choosing your web design layout:

1. Use your real name, and let them know who you are. Go a step further by publishing a photo of himself.

2. Explain clearly what your site is and what it can do for them. Look at it from the visitor point of view. Imagine that the first thing visitors ask when they visit your web site is: “What I can find and do here?” Now answer the question clearly and distinctly.

3. Explain why your website is the best place for them to be. This is the way to establish their “unique selling proposition.” Your unique selling proposition must be communicated in terms of how it will benefit their visitors. If your product is unique, then you need to show visitors the way it is an exclusive benefit for them. The key here is to try to “sell” the product, but to “tell” the visitor how the product will benefit them.

4. Use the writing style of writing and not a sales letter. They focus on the need for visitor information and meet that need. A web page will have news drafting specific and quantifiable data may include testimonies of people who have tried the product. Escape the control of counterfeit products, because people can see through them very easily. If you want to recommend a product on your site, purchase and background test itself, so you know what you’re talking about.

You should be able to describe the product in authentic detail. Talk about ordering, payment and delivery, packaging, instructions, and how the product live up to their expectations or not.

5. Use a web design, clear, simple and specific. The more links and banners you have on your web page, the less likely that visitors will follow the desired path through your web copy. Double and triple column web pages divide the reader’s attention. Must have a clear path through your website, from start to finish. Use a specific title and the important information in a prominent place so that visitors will see how he or she lands on the website.

6. The use of graphics to highlight the incentives behind his bid. I’m talking about the seals on the photographs of those who bear witness, and so on.

7. Provide a cast iron 100% money back guarantee. Repeat the guarantee in the form of sales or directly above or below the button sales.

There is much more to say about the sales techniques of the page, but these seven tips on web design, help you avoid some common pitfalls that inexperienced sellers to set up online sales pages.

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