Graphic design is a profession where the raw material is the creativity and the output is the art. Calculate the work done in terms of money most of the time it becomes an arguable point. The fiscal estimates of a project depends on many things, although the rules are similar, but it depends on the types of design.

Web site design costs can be broken down depends on the type of site, where the sites are classified as low-end, midrange and high-end sites. A low site offers content for 2-4 pages and the current uses charts or graphics issues sock purchase. The design package did not provide any animation page or any of the functions of database interaction. The coefficients of rank as low-end site of approximately $500 – $ 3000. Moreover a mid-range web site costs about $ 2000 – $ 5000. The web site includes about 5-7 pages out the content of some of them develops. In addition, the designer provides with 2-4 original graphics and a standard layout with some customization. Animation includes JavaScript mouse over the changes, but data are not provided interactions. A high quality web site carries a high cost and the standard range of $ 5000 – $ 10.000. A designer has 12 or more pages of content, or content that are pragmatically / dynamically generated. The design has a unique design and graphics with wide navigation schemes. The animation is often done in JavaScript, animated GIFs, Dynamic HTML and Flash. In addition, designers also provided with SQL or flat interaction database file. CMS is also a big factor.

The services of most graphic designers can also be calculated in hours. For example, the standard rates for basic graphic design is about $ 80 per hour for custom graphic design $ 160 per hour for the 3-D graphic design $ 250 per hour, and prepress correction and adjustment graphics $ 80 per hour. Such calculations are greatly simplified the rate of problems and the cost of design projects, as the designer is getting paid rationally whether a project requires more time. Similarly, a client can work on contracts based on hours.