We believe it is obligatory to say that graphic design, this specialty later, rapid development, related to all sectors and activities of life, this total only technical expertise due to his relationship with a piece of information and technology, we know it its many names, as well as graphic design, as it is a one-piece design information and design media. All these names refer to the extent of its development as an independent science, the task of finding a solution to the problems in the field of promotion, presentation or communication. Therefore, it is the language of the time a language other than desktop or static, but developing and adapting to changes in time therefore, we find that graphic design is in need of a qualified team and development capable of dealing with modern life requirements in a language that has a short message simple and direct, we also recognize the relationship of graphic design to writing, printing and publication, since its inception and is a groundbreaking work that the partners of words with art and how using technology as a means of communication, which begins with a message pioneered by a designer who develops into a visual media beyond the words and notes that control of color, font, image and ideas through the imagination of the designer and the production of the media through which he can convey the desired message to the crowd.

Therefore, its importance appears to play an important role in modern life and be a critical factor in the promotion, media and other means of rapid transportation in a piece of information to the community dominated by the speed exceeds the speed of light, therefore, becomes rapid change due to its relationship with the community. We face the fact of origin of graphic design and development stages. Through reading your story, we could know the life that has passed since its inception in the early 19 th century Europe and how it was their first home and the role played by some of the pioneering designers, each in his specialty through the development of tools and techniques and to describe the means that were developed and multiplied after the first poster and the book. We also know that the factors that made an independent science, as well as its influence on later art trends.

I talked about the relationship of graphic design with special techniques limited to the developed print and visual media to become conclusive multiple phenomena are developed by the development of modern technology, therefore, changes in graphic design a science with knowledge of a concept of constant development. This reflects the limits of the classical conception of graphic design and development in what is called an empty network that brings to mind the need to assess the skills and individual characteristics of the paintings in this field, and limit the classical concept of the term graphic design as fictitious and imaginary, although the organization of the theoretical factors and imaginative in their production by using different techniques to suit the production mechanisms as well, production may be one of the media contained in the design graph.

The close relationship with print graphic design can not be ignored, therefore, I prefer to clarify a misunderstanding that confuses between graphic design and graphic art and the role of each of them. Based on this definition, we have been able to clarify the role played by graphic designer using the design factors on an idea and prepare a special design for each of the media according to their means to end, ” what print style to be used, bearing in mind that the success will depend on the print for the first time in the designer.

All this makes us ask, is the philosophy of graphic design can, through imagination and fiction, meet the challenges of the time information effectively? Of course, the answer is determined by the fact that a designer must have absorbed the product of his time in the field of information effectively and that it must develop its printing fictional piece of information in order to produce in a way that suits your time and your needs. I also talked about how graphic design is concerned with certain material and information and how to handle each of them to perform the desired message.

We can not talk about technology without talking about the team since its inception has an important influence on the development of the results of graphic design since 1970 outside the Arab world and in late 1980 in the Arab world. By nature, the availability of equipment offers many programs that serve as graphic design at all levels, in addition to Internet innovation. The team has really helped in developing the skills of designers, and the introduction of property-speed performance through a set of special solutions to the image, font, shape and color.

We can not deny the importance of means of curriculum development and graphic design in addition to the diversifying them to cope with the speed of development and do not forget the needs and market development. The academic process should depend on the requirements of time for constant technology development and time requirements. Therefore, the objectives of the innovative work combined with the design competition and qualification are the basis on which planning strategy depends on the preparation of curricula that encourage and enable creative thinking and relate it to technology information based on the different levels of human knowledge and science programs that support the principle of how to understand and implement the comprehensive graphic design to protect from short-term scheduling, based, in this sense in theory Designer material cognitive, language, way of speaking and his ability to know how to deal with time changes, technology, training and qualification of what is in the future with respect to the stages of evolution of knowledge human, developing plans and programs that are under constant development.

Therefore, the nature of the work of graphic designer is different from other professions, not only because it is the most innovative field by focusing on dealing with a piece of media and visual communication, but also through different rules that constitute the work setting, following a special innovation and an advanced approach to achieve the objectives of this innovative work and the skills and qualifications of the designer. Graphic designer is not only an artist but also a technician who is able to make use of available programs and techniques to accomplish the task which he is charged. As a result, a designer who, through his imagination, arrives in the crowd, promote your imagination, arrives at the crowd, promotes and presents through effective implementation with little exaggeration technique to realize the job successfully.

The fact is that graphic design is firm in its core, developing the tools you need to closely monitor and distinguished pictures with a lot of knowledge in the field of arts, psychology techniques, marketing, knowledge and information. It considers the socio technical development assistant in computer, internet or programming and systems. We believe it is the development of ways to present their different media come in the form of stationery, posters, brochures, flyers, catalogs, targeted message, brochure, website and other major media group.

The core of graphic design are the basic factors of design and its theories and philosophy which are constant throughout while the variable is the style of application design, how the media and enforcement tools that have been transferred to practical part of the use of equipment and a large group of programs that deal with the hand writing of image and color. The development of forms of promotion, presentation and communication as well as the diversity of its forms developed, all depend on digital media.

We conclude, after considering these factors and the phenomenon in which and with which graphic design plays an important role that graphic design is constantly evolving.