Why chose a freelance designer?

Choosing the best independent graphic designer can be a challenge. Here are some things to consider when choosing a graphic designer for your business. It realy comes down to price and quality! Webflow design can do high end design at a low end price!

Creativity vs selling models

Graphic designers are, of course  –  creative. But sometimes, designs that are creative, can get in the way of your business objectives. Everyone one has different taste yeah?  The right graphic designer must understand its business and prospects and customers. For example, a designer might love bright vibrant colors in their designs, but if the mark is, or recruitment, this may contradict the image that you want to project your business (for example, innovation and professionalism.) It is critical that the designer is creative, but with a focus on the brand of your business and objectives first.


Marketing is most effective when clients and prospects to see consistent messaging and brand in all sales materials and marketing, advertising, flyers, brochures, business cards. Literally everything. reconisable business more valuable brands today have built through consistency.

To achieve this consistency, which is key to using the same graphic designer for all sales and marketing materials produced. A designer who understands your brand and business strategies have the same goal of building a company brand recognition and ultimately profitable.

Ability to understand his brief / requirements

catalogs brochure pamphlet new company logo, or product you need to design, the designer must understand their needs – to design something that is more effective in reaching their goals. For example, the objective of its new sales promotional brochure to attract more customers to your store? If so, make sure your designer understands. The essential elements to include in the letter to your graphic designer for each design work:

* Your target audience and customers (eg, women older than 30 years)
* Your goals or objectives (eg 30 clients to go to his shop in the next 2 weeks)
* The brand of your business (for example, innovative approach, fresh, etc)

The flexibility and reliability

Unlike design agencies, which can take up to 12 weeks to produce an ad, a freelance graphic designer offers a response time much faster (about 2 days). With this in mind, the designer must be available quickly and responses to your emails or phone within 24 hours. Reliability is the key.

Hourly versus retention: Costs

Another benefit of freelance graphic designers are the costs associated with low overhead. These savings often translate into the client, allowing you to pay much less for design projects.

There are different ways to “charge rates.” Depending on the demands of your business, you can choose to pay for a freelance graphic designer, whether hourly or a regular retainer. For businesses, where demand is irregular, choose ad-hoc projects of hourly rates (quote is always based on the number of hours that the designer believes that the project will be.) For companies where sales occur regularly or marketing material, an agreement on a monthly retainer package. Monthly retainers include a certain number of hours of design work at a lower cost per hour. Often, this allows cost savings in the long run, as they charge a lower cost per hour of regular work.