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Google Image Search Ranking Update

After the recent updates of Google 21 Panda and Google PR; an up-to-the-minute news is coming from the webmaster gurus about the Google image search result update. As always, Google has not stated any explicit declaration about this search update but the sudden large amount of changes in the image search results efficiently sounds the…


5 Smart Phone Apps for SEO

Mobile browsers are not new; it has been developed back in 1996. However as technology progresses so as the development of internet mobility. Smartphone, this is one of the best phones ever designed. This is great when it comes to connectivity and calculations. Smartphones uses a lot of mobile operating systems and some of which…


Foundations of a Good Website

There are hundreds or even thousands of websites available online. However, not all those available websites have good foundations. When I say good foundations, I refer to the things that website content has to have to be more appealing to surfers or website visitors. Although thousands are available, few of these websites lasts and have…


New Coupons web site

Voupons announces location-based marketing – are you ready? Quote some time ago, retailers simply bombarded us with mainstream advertising in the hope that we’d come to their store and buy their products. The problem with this is hammers people with radio, TV, print, SMM and online advertising when it suits the retailer, not necessarily when…